Pumpkin Watch 2011: One Month Later

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Raiders of the Lost Ark 30th celebration with this important pumpkin patch update.

Since my last pumpkin watch post almost a month ago, things are looking great. The patch is really healthy. The all important female bud flowers are starting to arrive in abundance. I've counted at least eleven so far and the vines haven't even grown to their full length yet. Finger's crossed that my unexpected green thumb this year holds out.


  1. Nothing warms the heart like a pumpkin patch. Well, at least my heart. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Just got mine planted for the second time. The weather here has been the pits, winter just did not want to give up.

  3. Good luck. I'll be watching you in hopes that mine grow just as well!

  4. A comment from the Pumpkin Lady... that MUST be good luck. Wishing you many pumpkins! :)

  5. Frog Queen,
    Same here, you're not alone.

    Whitey,good luck!

    Pumpkin Lady, same to you!

    TracyMB, Thanks!