Raiders' 30th: Three Little Indianas (and a Lunchbox)

A picture from the toy shelf. Left to right: Disneyland/world exclusive Indy, Lego Indy and a Hasbro Indy. Once upon a time I had the old Kenner Indy and the relatively little known LJN Temple of Doom Indy, but both were acquired back in '80s and have been lost over the years.

Here's a picture from Christmas '84 featuring the LJN figure I got as a stocking stuffer sitting on the coffee table. Also note your dorky blog host wearing his freshly unwrapped, sorta Indy-ish, panama hat. We had just moved to CA that August or September and if I remember right Mom wrote something on the tag like "For new adventures in Los Angeles".


  1. Hi! I love your blog. I've been reading all month and it Just occured to me, (I maybe a little slow), that I you might find this cool.
    My cat had 5 kittens and there was this one always 1st out of the gate, down the stairs, back up them, vibrant, intrepid little explorer.
    From the moment he wandered out of the nest, he has been Dr.Jones.

  2. Enjoying the Indy bits. Every time I see your IJ blog it reminds me of a good friend who worked at a Ford Dealership in the 80's. They were given rather dull demo cars, referred to as the "Tempo of Doom". :)

  3. What an awesome pic!

  4. Anonymous,
    Thanks. Cute story and great name.

    LOL, now everytime I see a Tempo I'll be thinking that.

    Thanks Ted.