Asputtel Sketches: Old Hags

Here's another thumbnail sketch for my recent Brother's Grimm Asputtel project. This one features the vile stepsisters later in life as old blind hags.

One of my favorite things about digital coloring is the ability to play with different hues quickly and easily.

Creative Inspiration: Studio Prop Dept. Photos from 1937

Wonderful photos by Margaret Bourke-White inside the Warner Brothers and Paramount Prop Depts. back in 1937. Found these (and more) on the LIFE magazine gallery site.

Break-away club and prop filled pockets.

Old time practical effects - unicorn horn for a horse, turtle on wheels to move, knife stabbing gags.
Martha Raye marionette.
Mosquito prop on thread of human hair to make fly.
Spinning faux spider webs.

Ashputtel Sketches

I'm illustrating posters and promo art for a stage production of Ashputtel.

Ashputtel is the original fairy tale of Cinderella by the Brother's Grimm. If you've never read it... be warned! It's not the warm and fuzzy Disney version. I don't want to spoil it, but death, visiting graves, self mutilation, and birds pecking eyes out are big plot points.

I'm in the early thumbnail sketch stage getting some loose ideas on paper. More later.

Pumpkin Patch 2012 - Day 1

And once more unto the haunted garden breach, dear friends!

Although I only harvested two tiny pumpkins last year, it felt successful. They were grown from medium sized "Jack O Lantern" labeled seeds. I've decided to improve my odds for larger ones and try using seeds for immense sized pumpkins this time. We'll see what happens. The package says 110 days to harvest and being a little less than 200 days until Halloween, I think my timings good.

Whether I actually get giant pumpkins (or any at all) doesn't matter to me, it's the fun of trying every year I enjoy most.

The Easter Bunny Moves In

Unfortunately, we had to evict the Leprechaun renting our tree space. There were too many complaints from the neighbors about his raucous, late night partying. I don't mind, my bank always made it a hassle depositing the ancient Celtic gold coins he paid in rent every month. 

Thankfully, a nice and quiet Easter bunny has moved in. 

The Easter display is not as elaborate as I had planned in the sketch. It's a simple revision of the Leprechaun door. The past few weeks were busier than expected, so I didn't get the time hoped for to work on it.

Like the St. Patrick's display, it was enjoyed. The neighborhood was full of families this weekend gathering together for Easter and Passover. The Easter bunny's house was visited by numerous smiling and curious kids. So much so, I've run out of super glue fixing the handle every other hour as they keep breaking it off trying to pull the door open. 

New Halloween Ideas for 2012

I've made a radical decision concerning my yard decorating this year. I'm going all-new. Nothing from any past year will be seen again. Below are several sketches of some of the new ideas.

The Abandoned Refrigerator Graveyard - I recently saw several fridges available for FREE on Craig's List. Not only super budget friendly, but will really help to fill up tons of empty space on the lawn.

Scary PETA Zombie - I want to be more socially conscience with my display this year, so I thought this character would work. It's also interactive, giving a fun BOO scare to every Trick or Treater wearing a cute animal costume.

Sidewalk of Holiday Magic - To add more enchantment and not-very-scary elements to the yard for little kids, I'm going to work beloved icons from other holidays into the theme.

The Zany Treat Station - Since the yard, front porch, and driveway will be completely full of new decorations, I'm adding extra space by parking a rented van in the street and will give out candy to kids from there. To be more friendly and inviting this year, I'm also planning to dress up as a cheerful Circus Clown.

I don't think I'm too foolish believing I can get these projects done by October, it's only April 1st. Plenty of time. This could be the best Halloween ever!