Let The Celebration Begin

Starting tomorrow, October 1st, here and my comic Para Abnormal, the second annual...

Everyday, every post in October will be about my favorite holiday. I know, I know, based on the past few weeks, not really all that different than usual. I'm very excited to participate again this year in the ever growing Countdown to Halloween, a list of great blogs and websites which will also be posting everyday until the 31st. Look for this list on the sidebar tomorrow. My countdown will stay design and decorating focused but will include some illustrated personal Halloween tales from years gone by and untold family ghost stories along the way.


Photo from Nick.com

Did you know, if you watch Brainsurge premiering today on Nickelodeon and read this blog, you can say you read the blog by the guy who mixed and dumped the slime, made the name tags and pulled the kids through the wall of teeth among other things? 4:30pm today and every weekday.

44 Years Ago This Week.

My Grandfather was a producer and director for CBS news. He passed away in 1965 just a few weeks before I was born. While sorting out some boxes in the garage tonight, I found this interoffice memo from the day he died which ironically was 44 years ago this week.

Click image to enlarge.

Halloween '09- First Yard Prop Done

The first new yard haunt prop for October is done.

It's based on sketches I posted awhile back.

I did cheat a bit while making this one, the zombie arm is recycled from last year.

Halloween '09 - Awwwwww Really?

I don't ever claim to be the most original idea thinker upper. Once in awhile I like to believe I come up something that has a unique feel, especially with my own details or touches. Such was the case with this doodle from the other day...
Today though, I'm in Target and while enjoying all their new Halloween items, I see this...
Okay, it's not that it's a zombie skeleton dog that bothers me, but it's the ears, they're just like my drawing. I'm sure they're there for the same reason I added ones on mine, they help sell the visual that it's a dog. So now I will brood wondering if it was for sale last season and I saw it and it got stuck in my head? I'll still make mine I think. No ideas are truly original. Heck, my dog house tombstone doodle is inspired by Zero's in Nightmare Before Christmas anyway.

Halloween '09 - New Colors for Fall

My skeleton zombies over the years have usually been a blue hue, influenced by Disney's grim, grinning ghosts in the Haunted Mansion. This year, all the old and new living dead residents in the yard are going green.

Halloween '09 Could Be A Thriller

I had this idea for a lawn zombie a few years ago. Back then, clever maybe, now, might be too soon and in poor taste. I really do want to make this though for some Halloween down the line...

Halloween '09 - Zombie Sketches

Sketches of a few new skeleton zombies I'm working on for the lawn this year. I've taken some anatomical liberties in the first one but in my haunted world, dogs have ear bones.

Labor Day Project: The Windex Strikes Back

The Star Wars toy display cleaning went well. If there is a neat and tidy center to the universe, these shelves were the farthest from.

Before...and this is after I had already removed many of the toys.
Progress..."Dune Sea" barren for a nice fresh start.

After...did you know you can vacuum a Bantha? Well, you can.
Why was this a whole Labor Day weekend project? Each one of those figures, vehicles, light sabers, blasters, stands, etc. were hand washed, dried and of course, had to be posed just right. All the while looking over my shoulder every 5 minutes making sure none of my neighbors can see what I dork I'm being. I still have a few more characters to add plus numerous accessories to distribute correctly. I applaud Hasbro's attention to detail, but curse them as I go cross-eyed examining blue light saber hilts to sort out which is Obi Wan's and which is Luke's.

Regrettably coming soon, still two more movie toy shelves to tackle on another wall in the collection cleaning trilogy.

Labor Day Project in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

It is a period of disarray.
Plastic Rebel spaceships are piled upon shelves
along with vehicles from the evil Galactic Empire.
Within the display, Jawas and Ewoks
are mixed up in playsets of the Empire's
ultimate weapon, the Death Star
That's not canon. Left unattended by
a sinister and lazy owner,
Princess Leia
and other action figures,
covered in dust,
await a secret plan that will clean the
and restore order to the galactic mess.

Coming soon...the exciting next episode!

September Foreboding

September began with an apocalyptic ambiance.

Although I live miles from the current wildfires burning here in Los Angeles and thankfully safe, their presence is ominously apparent. A hazy smoke covered sky today with bits of ash drifting down and everything lit in an amber glow from a foreboding sun.