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What tha? I'm posting?

I know I've disappeared from this blog a very long time ago, but I'm hoping to get back to posting again.

If anyone still follows and is actually reading this, here's a recent prop I made for Full Moon Features not that long ago. 


5 Days 'Til Halloween Sketching - The Monster

Another old sketch but I think this one got buried when I posted many years back. In my defense it is "Flashback" and "Frankenstein" Friday after all. Brand new sketches for the rest of the countdown I promise!

6 Days 'Til Halloween Sketching - Throwback Thursday

Years back I drew the infamous Haunted Mansion "Hat Box Ghost". Later the local SOCAL Haunters group made it a t-shirt that season.

16 Days 'Til Halloween Sketching - Scottish Beast

Like many little kids in grade school, I was obsessed with Dinosaurs. One day my father told me the legend of the Loch Ness Monster. My brain melted - there might be a prehistoric beast living in the world today? Ever since I've loved Cryptozoology, and Nessie has remained my all time favorite possible living creature.

17 Days 'Til Halloween Sketching - The Child Catcher

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is far from a Halloween movie, but none would argue that the Child Catcher didn't fuel nightmares.

22 Days 'Til Halloween Sketching - Madame Leota

Disney's Haunted Mansion turned 50 years old this year. Has the ride not influenced and inspired all who love this time of year?