What tha? I'm posting?

I know I've disappeared from this blog a very long time ago, but I'm hoping to get back to posting again.

If anyone still follows and is actually reading this, here's a recent prop I made for Full Moon Features not that long ago. 


5 Days 'Til Halloween Sketching - The Monster

Another old sketch but I think this one got buried when I posted many years back. In my defense it is "Flashback" and "Frankenstein" Friday after all. Brand new sketches for the rest of the countdown I promise!

6 Days 'Til Halloween Sketching - Throwback Thursday

Years back I drew the infamous Haunted Mansion "Hat Box Ghost". Later the local SOCAL Haunters group made it a t-shirt that season.

16 Days 'Til Halloween Sketching - Scottish Beast

Like many little kids in grade school, I was obsessed with Dinosaurs. One day my father told me the legend of the Loch Ness Monster. My brain melted - there might be a prehistoric beast living in the world today? Ever since I've loved Cryptozoology, and Nessie has remained my all time favorite possible living creature.

17 Days 'Til Halloween Sketching - The Child Catcher

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is far from a Halloween movie, but none would argue that the Child Catcher didn't fuel nightmares.

22 Days 'Til Halloween Sketching - Madame Leota

Disney's Haunted Mansion turned 50 years old this year. Has the ride not influenced and inspired all who love this time of year?

24 Days 'Til Halloween Sketching - Pet Food

Did you know today is WORLD OCTOPUS DAY? Did you also know that once you have an Octopus infestation in your home they're almost impossible to get rid of?