The Uncreated Halloween Lawn Zombie Idea Portfolio So Far

All the zombie ideas below include past ones and the recent Zombie a Month posts. These sketches will probably be posted again one day under the title...

"Halloween 2018: Props I'm Still Working On".

Creative Inspiration: Jim Lee using Sharpies

Watching a legendary comic artist like Jim Lee draw a legendary villain like the Joker is amazing. Watching him use Sharpies to do so amazes me even more.

500 hundred coats of bright white exterior house paint with nuclear blast protection rating will never ever completely cover any mistake made with a Sharpie.

Jim Lee's fearless drawing using an unforgiving drawing tool inspires.

A Zombie A Month: Undeadana Jones

I've wanted to create an Indiana Jones inspired Halloween yard zombie for years. With 2011 being Raiders' 30th anniversary I'm going to do my best to make this guy a reality by October.

The concept may change by then, but for now, it's an homage to the great opening scene turning the familiar idol Indy nabbed into a gravestone ornament.

Creative Inspiration: My Cluttered Tabletop Tonight

Seeing my drafting table cluttered with watercolor paraphernalia always feels good to me, especially since I don't use them as often as I once did. I'm trying to change that and get back into the habit.

My Great Grim Ghastly Garage: Where To Start?

Where to begin is always a hard decision when tackling any large organizing project. In the garage, I usually start by cleaning off the center work table. It gives an instant sense of accomplishment and creates a needed space to sort things pulled from the darker and scarier corners of the hoard.