Saturday Night Cleaver: The Trailer

The trailer for Full Moon's Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver has been released online. Thanks to writer and director William Butler for thinking of me to design and make a few props in the movie. One of the most fun jobs I've had in 2010.

Below is a concept sketch and some pics. Useless fact: the buttons for the remote control came from an old forgotten calculator that's been sitting in the taboret next to my drafting table for years. Nothing helps clean out a junk drawer better than shoestring prop budgets.

My Great Grim Ghastly Garage: Here We Go Again

Yet another year begins in my never ending effort to create a truly well organized garage workshop.

Having just seen 127 Hours, I want my family to know that if I go missing... look for me there first. I could be trapped with my arm caught between overstuffed bins and paint cans.

Find me fast so I don't have to free myself by cutting off a limb, despite all those times that I said wearing an old fashioned pirate hook would be cool.

Keep Goals To Yourself

I had a true epiphany about my work habits while watching this video posted below (thanks to finding on Halloween artisan Pumpkinrot's blog via his friend John Glassett).

Some words of advice before viewing ...

Quoting this lecture as to why a personal project never got done is okay.
Quoting this lecture to your boss as to why a project never got done will get you fired.

A Zombie A Month: Oh Rats!

Here's the idea for January's "blucky" based zombie creation for next Halloween. This guy should be fairy easy to make as I'm just going to recycle the smashed pumpkin headed zombie from a couple of years ago, which I was never really happy with (I did like the idea though which may return in some variation of).

The fun part will be making the rat holding the brain. Not sure if I'll start from scratch or customize some pre-made props. Since fabrication on November and December's zombies hasn't gotten very far yet, there's plenty of time to figure it out.

Creative Inspiration: The Brothers Hildebrandt

A two part interview with illustrators Greg and Tim Hildebrandt in 1979 on Tom Snyder's Tomorrow show. This is a real time capsule for me. I was at the peak of my comic book and fantasy art love then and beginning to seriously imagine being creative as future career. I remember sitting up very late to watch this.