Can I bitch about my recent job needing a fridge that can store more than 10 gallons worth of SLIME ? No, of course I can't. I'm very grateful that I get paid sometimes to be frustrated by such things.

Wear Your IRISH GEEK Pride!

It's not too late to order yours in time and choose from a variety of colors and styles not pictured above... click here!

Disneyland Design Tricks

My first visit to Disneyland was many many years ago and it helped put me on a course to what I do as work today. Everything I looked at then, no matter how small the detail, I would marvel at and wonder... "How did they make that stuff?".

Now, with some "making stuff" experience of my own, I enjoy being able to realize exactly how some things were made. It never fails to surprise me that many of the coolest looking details are so simple in construction when you actually take a moment to study them.

Such are some gothic and medieval looking candles decorating a Fantasyland gift shop. They're just painted wood dowels and molding, with a bit of wire inserted as a wick and hot glue for wax drips.

Waking The Dead Over At The Haunted Mansion

My niece Devin and her friend Sadie ride the roller coaster in Toontown on a recent Disneyland visit...have ear plugs ready.

Snow East, Spring West

While most of the east is getting hit with snow again, spring is starting to appear here on the west coast. Our backyard today...

Sunday Sketchbook - Halloween 2009

Even with a 1001 ideas already doodled that remain to be created from previous years... I can't help myself and sketch more I'd like to make for the Halloween yard this October.