Old Wizard

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I am up way too late for someone who has to be at work at 7am. Late night thinking is always, for me...retrospective .

Tonight, I was thinking about how in the last few years all my "fan-boy" interests I loved as a kid like X-men, Spiderman, Batman, Lord of the Rings, etc. has now become mainstream and cool.

I 'm not sure when the flip between hip and dork occurred but I am a little bitter knowing it happened far too late for me.

So I decided to pull this old illustration out and finish up. I always liked this piece but felt it a little dated & "dorky" to make a portfolio piece so I abandoned it.

I'll post the finished work when done.

A Card for Devin

This was a quick 15 minute (chronic procrastinator) card illustration for and of my niece Devin with her pets. Another day of celebration for this much doted-upon member of the family.