Creative Inspiration: Adam Savage

A funny and fascinating story of obsession leading to new artistic avenues from Mythbuster's Adam Savage. Anyone who likes to make props will especially enjoy this.

Sketchbook: Colored Knotty 'Ol Cycloptic Oak

Woke my still sleepy creative side this morning coloring this graveyard character sketch I posted a couple of weeks ago.

Sketchbook: Old Witch 2

Colored that witch sketch I did awhile back. First with watercolor on a card stock printed copy of the original sketch, then scanned, then played with in Photoshop. Good practice and a way to loosen up before starting work today on some finishes for the Arabian Nights project.

Three Iconic Adventure Heroes

Twenty similarities I've noticed in three iconic adventure heroes beloved by their generation's kids each separated by more than twenty years.
  1. Unique hat (brown)
  2. Well worn attire
  3. Unique weapon that is part of the story
  4. Second unique backup weapon always carried
  5. Right to left hanging strap or belt across chests
  6. At least one additional piece of equipment or gear which is always worn
  7. Often unshaven or general scruffy look
  8. Wisecracking humor
  9. Frequently traveling
  10. Trouble often finds them
  11. Inventive or opportunistic in escape
  12. Their reputations precede them
  13. Occasional unique coat or jacket
  14. Often employed or asked to help
  15. Myths or tall tales about them are told
  16. Unenthusiastic participants in events of greater good
  17. Non-conforming rule breakers
  18. Introduced while at the end of a previous adventure
  19. Loyal company or sidekick in adventure
  20. A ride featuring them in Disneyland
I'm sure there are many more. Feel free to add to the list via a comment.

Sketchbook: ERG

Magical woodland creatures filled my sketchbooks back in the '80s inspired by the huge craze caused by the Brian Froud and Alan Lee book Fairies and the book Gnomes by Wil Huygen and Rien Poortvilet. I haven't doodled fairies very much in recent years but had reason to this past week helping a friend with a project.

This is Erg. He's a bitter fairy. Half goblin and half pixie. His only joy in life is clubbing anything in the head with dried up flower stalks who invade his personal space.

Sketchbook: Knotty 'Ol Cycloptic Oak

Possible new character for Para Abnormal or a new prop for Halloween or both or will remain just a bunch of doodles in my sketchbook.

Get A Halloween Prop And Help Save The World.

With the amount of coffee I drink, it's always good to have mints handy. I've been an Altoid man for years but after discovering Project 7 sugar-free mints at a Java City not long ago, I switched brands. Why? Well, just look how they're packaged...

For less than 2 bucks, you get fresh breath, a cool Halloween prop and help make the Earth a better place...50% of the profits go to world hunger relief. Visit for more info and where you might find these near you.

Of course, now I'm inspired to make a test tube holding rack. Look for that project how-to from me soon! These would make a great treat, for a good cause, to give out to the kids this year. Especially being in theme with the Frankenstein's Monster front porch scares at my house. I just might have to start setting some money aside to order enough.