New things at the Apple store.

Spring blossoms

What many people don't know is the "hippie" culture gravitated to the west coast because of
it's native plants. No, not the kind some may smoke, but for the fruits from the common "Dead Head Tree". Also known as Tieus Dyeus Arborus. Mine is doing well and just started blooming. I'll let these ripe a few more days before picking.

Actually, these are test shirts I've done and set out to dry for a upcoming Family Fun T.V. craft project video. Click on or go to to see recent and past "how to video's".

Dogs and cats living together...MASS HYSTERIA!

Yesterday, I felt a little shell was a bad day.
I woke up to find all the new vegetables I had spent weeks growing from seeds and just transplanted into the garden were dug up by the neighborhood cat using the plant bed as a litterbox. I got one e-mail and a phonecall saying "Thanks for applying but.."
rejection for 2 jobs I wanted. I spent 3 hours shopping for and not finding one stinkin' lantern I need to match the others I'm using for my Sister's wedding arbor I'm building. An afternoon meeting about a job I've commited to next week has brought extra work I need to start on this weekend. A huge SUV decided to make a left turn in front of me with no warning, I drove into the curb to avoid hitting it and shredded my tire in the process. As the SUV just drove away with no concern, I discovered I had no tire iron to put my spare on with, glad I'm a AAA club member. Getting home later, I was feeling pretty angry at the world.

Just then I hear the 2 kid's next door playing in their backyard, 6 year old Tim and 3 year old Anna. Tim yelled "Who ya going to call?" Anna replied "Ghostbusters!"
They repeated this over and over again running around.

Inbetween countless repeats of the one verse from Ray Parker Jr.'s song. Tim would yell "Get down! watch out! Beyew! Beyew! Beyew!" It sounded to me that the unlicensed nuclear powered proton packs were in use!
I started laughing...because I wanted to play Ghostbusters too!

Well needless to say, I realized how petty my day's issues were and I put "Ghostbusters" on DVD and had a nice end to my Friday afternoon.

You want to own Ghostbuster's gear like I always wanted to...especially the Ghostmobile. I found these original plans for the Ecto 1 and complete detailed fan made plans for building a proton pack online.

The web still amazes me for finding this kind of odd but cool research. Check out these sites;

So as I put these plans in my "stuff I'd love to make one day" file. I going to think about how to make a giant stay puft marshmallow man for next years' halloween lawn.

Step by Step...

Have you seen that moment watching a gardening show when the host is giving the description of the yard makeover and you see that bird's eye view artwork of the yard morph from the before to the hoped to be after ? Ya know what I'm talking about? Well , I did the same kind of graphics for Outer Spaces . It's on weekends at 12:30 p.s.t. on HGTV . Please forgive my "plug" and last few posts about Outer Spaces. Everyone involved worked really hard on the show and it was a rare career experience that provided many stories to tell.

Below are a series of "step by step" graphics used in one episode . Although not the best example of my work , they are just 6 steps compared to the 14 steps of art I did for one episode that I could of posted . This is a general example of what I did for every show in seasons 1 , 2 and 3 .

Below are 2 pictures of the final makeover the above graphics are based on .

Backyards that could of been and could still be.

These are some designs / concepts for an extreme backyard t.v. show proposal I did about a year ago. These were also in my dream project file I always pushed on my Outer Spaces supervising producer, Susan Lutz, making her crazy.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

HGTV Outer Spaces Portfolio 2 - Bars

Below is a portfolio of bars designed and made while art director on HGTV's Outer Spaces.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

The Surfboard bar.

California Winery bar.

Storybook / Pub bar.

China bar.

My Older Sisters

Because my previous post was about my brother, I thought my 2 older sisters, Midge and Maggie, need equal time.

Spring always reminds me of them, every APRIL 1st they would bang on the floor of their attic room yelling..."Winter's over! Can we go outside and play?". Mom and dad did not let them outside much.

The above picture is one of the few of them we have. It's from Christmas 1963. Mom always talks about that year, because she knitted them a sweater and forgot the 3rd arm sleeve.

I have not heard from Midge and Maggie in a long time as they caught the acting bug and are now part of various touring shows and carnivals.