My Older Sisters

Because my previous post was about my brother, I thought my 2 older sisters, Midge and Maggie, need equal time.

Spring always reminds me of them, every APRIL 1st they would bang on the floor of their attic room yelling..."Winter's over! Can we go outside and play?". Mom and dad did not let them outside much.

The above picture is one of the few of them we have. It's from Christmas 1963. Mom always talks about that year, because she knitted them a sweater and forgot the 3rd arm sleeve.

I have not heard from Midge and Maggie in a long time as they caught the acting bug and are now part of various touring shows and carnivals.


  1. Dear Dave,

    Mom and Dad lied. We're still in the attic - come let us out!

    Midge and Maggie

  2. Dear Uncle Dave,

    I do not appreciate being the butt of your jokes...hulk, halloween card and now this. Is this what you call a muse? If so...can you not portray me has the little princess I am! You know I know Karate now. Stick your pirate sword where the sun don't shine!

    Love your niece,


  3. Anonymous
    My family and I have moved from the house that Midge and Maggie have lived in, but I will contact the new owners of the house and let them know your there...boy what a suprise for them!
    Now I know why you don't write.

  4. Devin
    You are my muse and as being such the source for many a joke. I love you and no one person has inspired me to create such photoshop doctured art and my need to be silly.

    The pirate sword you gave me is hanging in my office and you have seen my hobbit hole of an office so I assume when you say.."stick it were the sun don't shine" you mean in my office..I was thinking of adding a window one day.

  5. isn't it silly-- being an adult? i feel eternally 6 years old. until i see my little nieces, then they remind me, that i am still sort of an adult, but-- i can still trick them into believing i'm a rare grown-up with magical powers. sometimes i can be very convincing.

  6. i think it's creepy that your neice has two heads and three arms. Maybe she should stay in the attic.