Edward/Ted/Teddy Lowe/Brother

Ted lowe is my little brother. I despise him.

Just look at that picture above, so smug...such a wannabe hollywood actor headshot. Guess what! When this picture was taken , he was probably thinking ..."man, I wish I was at my brother Dave's...he's got that cool Mace Windu lightsaber that lights up and makes real movie sounds or maybe he has some some frosted flakes I could eat because this actor's life leaves me hungry!".

He is my younger by 2 years. He has far more courage, ambition, intelligence and charm than I would ever hope to have. He's also just a flat out funny guy and someone you miss when he leaves the room. Someone who really listens when you share your secrets or busts ya when your full of yourself. Friends of mine who had only met him briefly ask about and remember him, for this reason alone...I wish he was never born.

Hate aside, I must inform anyone who reads this blog to go to (when visiting or if now in L.A.) the Unknown Theater. My Brother has given much of his time believing in and helping to get off the ground. This past 2 years...he has spent almost every night, seven days a week being a part of this company.

Go see a show. You can "TeVo" American Idol , Lost or 24.

Click on this or type in www.unknowntheater.com

Truth is, I am guilt ridden. Please go see a show...if I was a good older brother I would of forced him to pick a career with security and a good pension.


  1. how long is the show up for?

    and, by the way, I love this post of yours. It's perfectly dave.

  2. I think you meant the title of this post to be "Edward/Ted/Teddy Lowe/Brother/Douchebag." No?

  3. Douchebag?...Ted is never a douchebag.
    When angry I could refer to him as a douche...but never a bag for one...that would just be mean.
    Such language, what it to be a family friendly blog.

  4. My favorite is when Dave makes me a bowl of frosted flakes with a Mace Windu action figure soaking in the middle.......it's okay....I am a douche-bag.

  5. Just for the record... for anyone who can't read between the lines... I would throw myself infront of a spear aimed at his heart or any such life threatening object and scream..."he's no douchbag" as I died.