21 Days 'Til Halloween: Hogwarts

None can deny that intangible, yet familiar connection between Harry Potter and Halloween. The production design of the films alone should inspire Haunters forever.

I'm a lucky person finding a job on the Universal Studios backlot, but even luckier that my workshop AKA "the prop garage" on our set has an amazing view of Hogwarts, part of the Harry Potter world attraction.

Every once in awhile I forget it's right there, outside my shop doors, until I look up and see the sunset like today. And then my creativity is fueled for another week.

24 Days 'Til Halloween: The Spooky Tree

Making a classic spooky tree for the yard, the kind you think of at Halloween that has that iconic silhouette. With a touch of Tim Burton.

It's made from PVC pipe and the bark is brown paper dipped in a mix of black paint and Mod Podge. More details later.

25 Days 'Til Halloween: Farmer Frightful's Market

First yard project is done and finished. This one was great to begin with as it establishes the harvest theme this year. As I wrote in past post we're going with a more family friendly display, but I was happy to add creepy details with some Halloween humor.

The main market shed was a simple build using pre-made 6' x 8' fence panels. No complicated carpentry either, we just cut down to the sizes and angles wanted and put together as a box using shelf brackets. The more wonky the angles the better. From there it's just bringing to life with set dressing.

More DIY details and some free PDF sign image downloads can be found HERE.

30 Days Until Halloween: The Home and Family Yard Design

Another October begins and with it the countdown to Halloween! I'm happy to say Hallmark Channel's Home and Family show has begun it's sixth season. And as in past years all my Halloween love gets channeled into the show. The network wanted a more family friendly fun concept this year. So I've designed the yard to have a classic fall harvest feel. Not too scary, but still celebrates the holiday.

All of what's in the sketch will be DIY'd on the show during the month, so stay tuned for many updates as the yard progresses.