25 Days 'Til Halloween: Farmer Frightful's Market

First yard project is done and finished. This one was great to begin with as it establishes the harvest theme this year. As I wrote in past post we're going with a more family friendly display, but I was happy to add creepy details with some Halloween humor.

The main market shed was a simple build using pre-made 6' x 8' fence panels. No complicated carpentry either, we just cut down to the sizes and angles wanted and put together as a box using shelf brackets. The more wonky the angles the better. From there it's just bringing to life with set dressing.

More DIY details and some free PDF sign image downloads can be found HERE.


  1. As always simply equisite!
    Thanks, Dave

  2. Love this! Can you provide the plans and or video? Home & Family doesnt have them any more and the video dosnt work.

  3. Looks like Hallmark removed this from their website. Any ideas on how to get the building plan and PDFSs? We love this so much and would love to build it.

  4. This was one of my favorite projects done on home and family, do you still have the plans for it?