My Great Ghastly Garage: One Tough Pencil

While sorting pens, markers, crayons, nails, screws and other various mixed up things in bins, boxes and drawers, I found what I thought was just an ordinary, well worn pencil...
I was about to toss it, but as it twisted in my fingers I saw this...
Where did this come from? How did I end up with it? Is it a gag pencil? A movie or TV promotion? I've done a quick web search for answers but turned up nothing. Anyone have some insight? The only other clue was this written underneath...
This now has a place on my shelf of oddities and I may use when needing to draw tough things or make tough notes.

My Great Ghastly Garage: Gosh and Golly!

I've actually gotten to a point with the clean up that I can start organizing small stuff!

Vampire 101

Niece Devin asked her Uncle Ted...

"Vampires are from Pennsylvania right?"

"No, I think you mean Transylvania." He answered.

Devin thought for a moment and said remembering...

"Oh yea!"

Then she asked...

"Is that near Philadelphia?

STAR TREK: Destroying the Timeline

Is it just me or does the the new Star Trek movie poster look like the first movie poster is being burned away in a white hot flash, as if being erased from memory? Coincidence or brilliantly intentional?

1979 - 2009

My Great Ghastly Garage: Geekness

The clean up project goes well, but I've discovered ancient treasure from my youth which may distract me from the task for awhile...

Wedged between some comics... unused fun from 1983.

My Great Ghastly Garage: Grrrrrrrrr

Have you ever noticed that gifts in flower shops rarely have price tags on them?

I think it's because the owners live for procrastinating men who run in 10 minutes before the closing time, late to a girlfriend's birthday dinner and willing to pay whatever they're told something costs in desperation.

Gravestone Making in a Recession.

Fed Ex boxes are free...there are no excuses not to have a vast and full front lawn cemetery. These are Halloween cute for a client but with some extra time on detailing, I think the possibilities are endless.

In regards to all the great comments on my last post, I'm going to keep Halloween stuff right here again this year and I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing many Fed Ex box's my new favorite junk item to be creative with.

Halloween '09 Idea Gears Are Spinning

One of the driving forces behind my dedication to getting the garage into real workshop shape is my fun in prepping for October. I'm looking forward to getting started very early to actually make happen some of the ideas I've hoped to do in the past.

Thanks to the web, a new layer of Halloween fun was added last year, being involved in blog countdowns and discovering so many great websites dedicated to all things Halloween and yard haunting.

I had a thought today about creating a new blog dedicated to just my October prepping. Maybe starting 100 days away from the 31st? Anyone out there think this a good idea? I'm sort of torn...I also like keeping this blog alive with Halloween stuff from time to time, especially closer to the season.