Game Changer

Thanks to various projects for work, my skills with tools I don't often use are improving. I'll never give up being a hot glue and foam core prop maker, but biscuit joiners and routers are opening all sorts of new creative idea doors in my head.

A Winter's Horror

As a long time fan of Jonathan Winters and all things Halloween, here's an appropriate clip to remember the comic genius by.

Star Wars Geek Moment At Work

Remember this commercial?

Well, little Darth Vader himself, Max Page, was a guest on Home & Family this past month. And my professionalism went out the window being a fan of his now classic VW Super Bowl ad.

Not only did I ask Max to autograph a toy light saber we had in props ...

But yeah, we got a photo together too ...

Watch the video of his visit on the show and hear about the good causes Max was promoting HERE.