Guillotine Parking Only

Another Thanksgiving day with Halloween yet to store away. I'm such a procrastinator that I haven't even gotten around to creating the excuses as to why it's still just sitting there. Sadly, taking a picture like this is becoming an annual tradition. This was Thanksgiving last year...

Well, it could be worse. You know, like leaving a giant rubber creature or something hanging all year on the bathroom wall from 2008's party decorating. That would be really lazy...oh...wait...nevermind.

A happy Thanksgiving to all.

Big Blog Fans

Today, I was surprised to discover what loyal and regular readers of this blog I have. They contacted me this morning concerned if everything was okay because I'd not posted anything in a few weeks. So to them I write...

Dear Mom and Dad,

Everything is great, just distracted by other things. I'll get back to posting regularly today. Anything I can bring for Thanksgiving dinner?


Dr. Ted-enstein Saves Halloween '09

My past annual Halloween night routine for Trick or Treater's has been being the Frankenstein monster sitting silent and motionless like a dummy in an electric chair. I'd give 'em a BOO scare as they reach for the candy bucket. An old bit, but never fails to work and lots of fun.

When I got the flu, I had a momentary worry knowing some kids might expect the same fun as usual and I didn't want to disappoint. Before I even asked, my brother Ted called and volunteered to be this year's scare maker and treat giver.

Ted had a good idea, he'd return as the Dr. Frankenstein character he played for my niece's Halloween party last year and the monster would actually be a dummy he would move holding it's back.

Was Dr. Ted-enstein a hit? You tell me...

Now, experience it as many of our visitors did all night...

Two days ago, I thought it was going to be a mediocre, blah year, but it turned out to be one of the best. I'm happy to say niece Devin reached the all important non-contagious flu stage feeling a bit better. She was able to visit and get some trick 'r treating in.

A huge thank you to my brother Ted for making it a great, great night and a Halloween to remember.