Guillotine Parking Only

Another Thanksgiving day with Halloween yet to store away. I'm such a procrastinator that I haven't even gotten around to creating the excuses as to why it's still just sitting there. Sadly, taking a picture like this is becoming an annual tradition. This was Thanksgiving last year...

Well, it could be worse. You know, like leaving a giant rubber creature or something hanging all year on the bathroom wall from 2008's party decorating. That would be really lazy...oh...wait...nevermind.

A happy Thanksgiving to all.


  1. I have mine at least in the basement... Too afraid to go down there now, know the packing job that awaits...

  2. I have stuff that stays out year-round. It wasn't intended, but things like stone gargoyles, skeleton music box, full sized jack o' lantern candle holder, etc. just sort of merged into our regular decorating scheme. (which is not gothy/dark or gloomy)

    It's funny because the first impression isn't "Halloween" - it all blended into the existing decor, which I guess is why it's still out. Makes me smile tho.

    I tell myself that maybe this year, I'll get the extension ladder into the living room to get down the shredded cheesecloth hanging off of the ceiling fan as cobwebbing placed there 2 years/parties ago. Yes, this year... who am I kidding? ;)

  3. I just discovered this website and am in awe! I love your posts. By the way, did you create the giant roach? If so, how? I am extremely afraid of roaches and I think this would be kind of fun to have around... giving myself the creeps everyday... even just making it!