31st Day of Halloween - The Finished Yard Portfolio

Happy Halloween all! Here's what I've been up to the past month.

I hope to retro-post the "how-to" details on some of the props next week. Especially the plexiglass ghosts you see, an idea I had that wasn't sure would work but turned out really well.

29th Day of Halloween - A Home and Family Halloween

We shot the Halloween episode of "Home and Family" today, which will air tomorrow morning on the Hallmark Channel. Hope you watch. It was kind of epic (for our show).

My prop gang, the wardrobe crew, and the hair/makeup team really came together capturing the fun of Halloween I think. Here are some photos from the day.

25th Day of Halloween - Inside the Psycho House

One of the amazing perks working on the Universal Studios backlot is being able to explore it - as long as you don't interfere with the tour trams or get in the way of production's filming.

My prop crew and I decided to take a team photo the other afternoon on the porch of a very iconic place. Our work often makes us "psycho" so it felt right.

While there, I was compelled to see if the front door was open. It was and I stepped inside this historic home of horror history. Now don't get your hopes up, It's just a facade, which means only the outside looks real. The interior is just bare bones framing holding the four walls up. Yet, for those curious, here's what it looks like...

Rear of house.

Left side.

Right side.

The infamous front.

And here's what the foundation floor looks like. And I did grab a handful of it to create a fun relic jar one day labeled "Dirt from Norman Bates' Basement".

And for those extra extra curious, here's what Norman Bates' doorbell looks like...

6th Day of Halloween - Coffin Coffee Table

I've had this crazy idea for a coffee table for years...

Guess what we made on the show today? I like my job.

How-To soon.

4th Day of Halloween - Monster Warning Signs

Years ago I created a "Frankenstein's Monster" warning sign for my front yard display. Here's that original sign and two NEW ones if you want to use for your haunt or party decor.

DIY suggestions - stain print outs with coffee or print out on old parchment looking paper.

Countdown to Halloween Day One - Cryptastic Start

I've been a terrible regular blogger for a long time, but not a terrible Halloween lover. This is the month I thrive creatively in. So counting down to the big day seems a good time of year to force myself into getting back to regular posting.

Working on the Home and Family show on the Hallmark Channel for the past 3 years has given me one great perk... when Halloween time comes around I get to design and influence some of the DIY segments we showcase. Not because of my 20 plus years experience working in TV, but because producer's know Halloween is my beloved holiday ( and I might stake them in the heart if questioned ).

Our October 1st show today featured making a fun CRYPT walk through facade for your front lawn. It was made in less than a day and was a great project to kick off the season.

Here's the quick sketch I made to sell the idea.

How-To here