Countdown to Halloween Day One - Cryptastic Start

I've been a terrible regular blogger for a long time, but not a terrible Halloween lover. This is the month I thrive creatively in. So counting down to the big day seems a good time of year to force myself into getting back to regular posting.

Working on the Home and Family show on the Hallmark Channel for the past 3 years has given me one great perk... when Halloween time comes around I get to design and influence some of the DIY segments we showcase. Not because of my 20 plus years experience working in TV, but because producer's know Halloween is my beloved holiday ( and I might stake them in the heart if questioned ).

Our October 1st show today featured making a fun CRYPT walk through facade for your front lawn. It was made in less than a day and was a great project to kick off the season.

Here's the quick sketch I made to sell the idea.

How-To here


  1. Another great project! I'm glad that they give you credit for coming up with the idea, but it cracks me up to watch the execution of your idea. : )

  2. Hi Dave!
    Glad to see some good ol' Halloween posts from you!
    Always a treat! Please keep them coming.

  3. Something like this would be perfect for my place. I've got a sort of corridor between my house and my fence that would be so cool with a crypt entrance installed.