Grandmother restored!

I got a wonderful last minute christmas gift surprise this morning in my e-mail box. Vicki at took some time and restored the creased and cracked picture of my Grandmother from my previous post! Thanks Vicki, looks beautiful!

Family History for Christmas.

A few years back my Mom bought several photo albums with the intent of finally archiving in her spare time the many boxes and folders full of family photos.

I was surprised Christmas day with the special side project she had done for myself and my siblings...Ted, Megan and Monica.

Her gift was giving us our own distinct album. Each contained photos and memories particular to the person and included old family photos we never knew existed.

I have in the past posted old timey funny photos for a laugh but the pictures below are the real deal...

This is a picture of my Great Grandparents, Cecelia and Frank Dunn. The boy is my great Uncle Frank, the oldest of 10 children.

My Great Grandfather was a sergeant in the NYPD. My Great Grandmother was a dressmaker and seamstress with celebrity of the day clients including Lily Langtry. She taught my Mom to hand sew but warned her to never learn to use a sewing machine because it would make her a slave to someone.

The following pictures are my Dad's Mom and Dad... Grandparents I never knew who passed on before my birth.

My Grandmother was Dorothy Brown Lowe. She was a broadway actress, dancer and model. Her stage name was Jane Jefferys. This is her 8" x 10" glossy from the early 1940's.

This is my Grandfather, David Lowe, in World War II. He was a writer, director, producer for both theater and television. He was also a pioneer in news television. His most well known credit was producer of the legendary CBS Reports: Harvest of Shame with Edward R. Morrow.

Below is my Dad and me in 1967, I was 2 years old...

My brother Ted and I in 1985 working hard as P.A.'s on NBC's Bloopers and Practical Jokes.

Much of Christmas day was spent looking at each other's album and enjoying Mom's stories that elaborated on her handwritten notes in each.

One of my best memories was seeing my Brothers in law, Paul and Kirk, looking at the old pictures of their wives and seeing my sisters cringe!

Mom's gift was the warm fuzzy feeling all hope for this time of year and helped bond new family members.

Just as she planned it.... CURSE HER!

Rudolph Restored!

From my stuff that I think is cool files...

Like many, I grew up watching, no worshipping the original 1964 Rankin Bass special- Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Many influences in my work today I can trace back to it.

All of the original stop motion puppets were thought lost to the ages until 2005 when Rudolph and Santa were discovered being used as ordinary christmas decorations.

Here is a recent story on the restoration being done on these old friends. I personally hope they end up in the Smithsonian one day. Click on ...

Rankin Bass puppet restoration.

He is the Gritty in Knitty!

Knittar the Cast-on- ian's answer to what is best in life....

To skein your enemies!
To cast them on your needles!
To hear your enemies' frogging lamentation!

Working on DIY's Knitty Gritty has really corrupted me. I was doodling the other day playing off my previous Castle and Dungeon Network post and I created something I'd really like to expand on. I've got 120 some odd projects in the works so we'll see.

In the meantime behold the power of the needle... I give you...

click on image to enlarge.

For the fun of it, Knittar is available to wear on LOWE DOWN STUFF!

A Cable Channel I'd Watch 24/7.

Calling all investors! I've worked for the "how to" networks a long time. They need to get back to strong work ethics, basic needs, common tools and fear of the black plague. Here's my pitch...

I even designed up a slick logo...

Imagine the great shows...

-Moat by Moat
-Ye Ol' Sod House
-Trading Mead Halls
-Uncommon Blacksmithing
-Siege Wall Appeal
-The Carol Duvall Show (she was 25 in the middle ages so she would have good info).

The list could go on....more show ideas anyone?

Out of the knitting closet.

This is my second year as art director for DIY's Knitty Gritty.

I've never knitted. I've learned enough to make nice visual presentations, understand knitting in theory to help with "step outs" and run to the prop room for basic materials as needed for guests and knitsters...but I have been known to confuse stich markers with stich holders.

I've gained great respect for the craft and marvel at the projects our guests and host Vickie Howell create.

I've also learned to be a knitter is to be part of a sub-culture. There is a vast but small world that only knitters understand. I knew a day would arrive when I would give in to peer pressure so I could be accepted by the cool kids.

I now admit I have been taking needles in hand with a pretty ball of yarn

...alone home a dark corner
...were no one can see me.

So far it's been 8 days still "casting on" but I feel positive I'll have my scarf completed in 4 years!

Latest illustration.

Art for Screen Door Entertainment's Christmas card this year.

Click on image to enlarge.

Lowe Down Stuff

I've added two new designs at LOWE DOWN STUFF (click onto visit).

The first is a nod to an old friend. I use hot glue almost everyday. It's an unappreciated artistic tool. It deserves celebration.

The second is having fun with the romantic story of King Arthur. I grew up enjoying books, stories, and movies of the legend. What if it was an old tail for furry, long tailed creatures...

Carnival of ???????

Odd idea's hit you sometimes half asleep standing in the kitchen watching the coffee brew waiting for your first cup of the morning. Especially thinking about a shopping list of stuff you need.

I've started a new personal project. A series of illustrations based on old sideshow posters. Yet all the freaks would be inspired from art materials. I'm not sure how many I'll do but here's a sneak preview of one in progress.

click on image to enlarge.

Thanksgiving day.

It's been a great thanksgiving day. Full of tradition and good food.

This years was a little smaller because my sister Monica and her husband Kirk have moved to Porland Oregon and are spending a quiet at home.

My brother, Ted decided to fly up to spend the holiday with them. His homemade cardboard and plastic wrap plane wouldn't work and he eventually took a real one. He still wore his captain's hat though...

Here in L.A. my Mom and sister Megan being formal wore the traditional dress of our people...

My Dad did his annual thanksgiving blessing in his own way ...

My brother in law Paul took pride in cooking what he called the turkey himself...

A fun and new tradition in recent years is taking the plywood panels off the cage and letting my niece Devin watch the Macys parade on t.v for 5 minutes or so...

My fiance Alessandra brought the dessert...

Me? I just settled back, filled my belly and took in the warmth of family being together...


The images below are older works. Both are loose and quick studies from existing photos. Each are watercolor, pen/ink, gouche and prismacolor pencil.

Blues Brothers: click image to enlarge.

Hendrix: click image to enlarge.

I have Valley Glen Spirit!

Sometime in the week before Halloween, Blayne and Chris, publishers of the Valley Glen Living newspaper had been told about my decorations by a neighbor and came by the house to see. They took some pictures and interviewed me.

I thought that was fun and looked forward to seeing the issue. Then they came back last Thursday night with a certificate and a DVD of Monster House as a prize telling me I won the contest! I had no idea there was a contest.

Most shameful is...I didn't know we lived in Valley Glen.

Sorry Van Nuys, I like the sound of Valley Glen better.

Lowe Down Stuff

I've just opened a store at Cafe Press called Lowe Down Stuff. There are t-shirts, clothing and other stuff.

I have cartoons up now...

and some limited time holiday designs...

Please visit to see all the designs and check in often as I will add a design a week.

Click on Lowe Down Stuff or go to

A Christmas Portfolio

All works are pen & ink, watercolor and prismacolor pencil on illustration board. Click on each image to enlarge.