Sketchbook Portfolio I

Pages from my sketchbooks - classic movie monsters and the macabre.

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Mysterious Monsters

I love Cryptozoology. I was first introduced to mysterious monsters as a kid by Leonard Nimoy and the old t.v. series "In Search Of". My 6th grade science fair project with classmate Robert Gaspari was on bigfoot and yeti. I was so proud of my scientifically accurate models of them .... two old G.I. Joe's (with kung fu grip) ... covered in glued on yarn for fur.

Do these creatures exist? I want them to. I have fun researching how they could exist. I will revel in conversation on this subject for more time than any other.

The following cartoons are based on eyewitness accounts.

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Just another prop request from Andrew.

I've worked with my friend, producer Andrew Wollman on a few TV shows in the last couple of years. He has needed everything from a simple roll of tape to a 40 foot canal around a patio. So when he called and asked me if I could make this, it wasn't too much of a surprise.

What's the prop for? Hard to explain but if you are in L.A. next weekend you have to go and see his comedy troop Mighty McPilgrim's latest live show to understand. Visit for more info on the show and explore the site... lot's of funny stuff there.


I love our canine friends. Below is a portfolio of cartoons I did inspired by them.

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