Sketchbook Portfolio I

Pages from my sketchbooks - classic movie monsters and the macabre.

Click on picture for larger version.


  1. WOW! These are GORGEOUS! I also enjoy sketching monsters. Especially ones I make up, like 'Vulture Lady' and 'The Snaggle Toothed Cod Boy.'

  2. the last one is my favorite. it's spectacular. you MUST do some sort of graphic novel online with all this stuff. like, the real "monsters ball" you know . . . eeeekkkk

  3. Thanks for the nice words to two very talented ladies...

    Nicole...I too have "made up" monsters
    yet I believe your "Snaggle tooth cod boy" would scare my "balloon head man".

    Stacy elaine..."monster ball" would be a very horrific "made up" monster...eeeekkkk.

  4. do you think you could draw a hallie berry/Frankenberry monster?