Work Work Work

You never think about it while watching a game show...
but somebody has to make all those contestant name tags.

Guerilla Marketing

My daily web comic Para Abnormal turned one year old this week and I'll be very honest, I'm really proud of myself. I've been known to go off an a few "larks" and "follies" in my life. I had my doubts I'd actually keep it going after the first 2 days.

The fact that my visitor count has grown from zero to over 25,000 in a year, amazes and inspires me. Especially since I 've done very little to spread the word and advertise.

There was one afternoon however, while Christmas shopping at the mall with my brother, that we did some guerilla marketing. Moving fast, we brought Para Abnormal up on every computer possible at the Apple Store. Cheap shameless self publicity! The pages actually remained for a little while before an employee went around closing them. I got a good laugh seeing my brother, like a ninja, sneak behind the employee and bring the page back up on a few as she walked away.

Sketchy Monstrosity

I've been having fun getting back to watercolors again. Here's a sketchbook page from over the weekend. Not great but I like where the character design could go with work.

Pirate Practice

Today it felt it like a million years since I've done anything in watercolor on illustration board. I want to get back to doing more work like my old days. Thought a pirate would be a fun subject to get warmed up with.

An Inspiring Halloween Moon Last Night

Rain has fallen upon Los Angeles. Late last night the clouds created a very October 31st feel. I indulged in some witching hour photography.


I saw Coraline this afternoon and really loved it. The lobby at the Sherman Oaks Arclight Cinema had a nice surprise, an original set piece and animation puppet of Coraline herself on display...

The best part though was seeing my brother in law Kirk's name scroll up the screen, 10 feet wide in 3-D!

Re-Runs or Valid New Cartoons?

I want to explain myself. I've been feeling guilty. On my web comic Para Abnormal, besides not keeping a regular posting time, I often re-run old art with a new caption or gag. This sometimes includes minor additions/revisions to the original art.


Although I do create original art most weeks, I do admit taking advantage of this cartooning cheat when my time is short. It's also very intentional. I want certain characters and situations to become familiar so I might expand on or play off in future Para Abnormal cartoons. Looking at the images above, I hope you notice that the similar cartoons usually separated by days or weeks apart once united in a row almost become a sequential gag.

I would love Para Abnormal to be a paying job one day and devote all my time to drawing completely original panels everyday. Until then, art will repeat once in awhile. I may be rationalizing, but I feel the written words do have thought behind them and makes the cartoon new.

I'm open to your opinion. Is this just re-running an old cartoon, no matter how different the joke or is it a valid new one? Be honest, I really want to know.