Cartoons-Whole Foods

So I ventured into the popular "Whole Foods" yesterday. I don't know if this chain is exclusive to L.A. It's a regular supermarket except for more eco-friendly and healthier products.

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Halloween portfolio 2005

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I once read that Walt Disney would get on his knees to see Disneyland from a child's perspective. I do as well (insert evil laugh here)!

During the evening my niece Devin a.k.a. Tinkerbell arrives to brave the haunts. OK this picture has nothing to do with illustration or art direction, but come cute is she!?

Knitty Gritty Fun

I am very flattered. My friend and co-worker Christine Jagalino just posted some cartoons I did for fun on the dry erase board outside the studio doors during Knitty Gritty on her blog; Friendshipnight.

These "how to" shows bring alot of stress for people like Christine, one of Knitty Gritty's show producers. The list of her job responsabilities is too long to post.

Christine always handled it with grace and calm.

I'm glad she found these cartoons enjoyable, I hoped to bring a little humor to our work days.