Just another prop request from Andrew.

I've worked with my friend, producer Andrew Wollman on a few TV shows in the last couple of years. He has needed everything from a simple roll of tape to a 40 foot canal around a patio. So when he called and asked me if I could make this, it wasn't too much of a surprise.

What's the prop for? Hard to explain but if you are in L.A. next weekend you have to go and see his comedy troop Mighty McPilgrim's latest live show to understand. Visit www.mightymcpilgrim.com for more info on the show and explore the site... lot's of funny stuff there.


  1. I'm currently calling him "Umbilical Bill - Fastest Kid in the West."

  2. LOL..I was calling him.."Premmie Pete...plague of the prarie"!