Family History for Christmas.

A few years back my Mom bought several photo albums with the intent of finally archiving in her spare time the many boxes and folders full of family photos.

I was surprised Christmas day with the special side project she had done for myself and my siblings...Ted, Megan and Monica.

Her gift was giving us our own distinct album. Each contained photos and memories particular to the person and included old family photos we never knew existed.

I have in the past posted old timey funny photos for a laugh but the pictures below are the real deal...

This is a picture of my Great Grandparents, Cecelia and Frank Dunn. The boy is my great Uncle Frank, the oldest of 10 children.

My Great Grandfather was a sergeant in the NYPD. My Great Grandmother was a dressmaker and seamstress with celebrity of the day clients including Lily Langtry. She taught my Mom to hand sew but warned her to never learn to use a sewing machine because it would make her a slave to someone.

The following pictures are my Dad's Mom and Dad... Grandparents I never knew who passed on before my birth.

My Grandmother was Dorothy Brown Lowe. She was a broadway actress, dancer and model. Her stage name was Jane Jefferys. This is her 8" x 10" glossy from the early 1940's.

This is my Grandfather, David Lowe, in World War II. He was a writer, director, producer for both theater and television. He was also a pioneer in news television. His most well known credit was producer of the legendary CBS Reports: Harvest of Shame with Edward R. Morrow.

Below is my Dad and me in 1967, I was 2 years old...

My brother Ted and I in 1985 working hard as P.A.'s on NBC's Bloopers and Practical Jokes.

Much of Christmas day was spent looking at each other's album and enjoying Mom's stories that elaborated on her handwritten notes in each.

One of my best memories was seeing my Brothers in law, Paul and Kirk, looking at the old pictures of their wives and seeing my sisters cringe!

Mom's gift was the warm fuzzy feeling all hope for this time of year and helped bond new family members.

Just as she planned it.... CURSE HER!


  1. Hey Dave,
    If you send me your mailing address, I'll send you some shots of your grandfather that my dad took while they were both working on Harvest of Shame.
    Hope all is well and Happy new Year!

  2. These photos are fantastic, what a rich history your family has had! And how thoughtful of your mother to create these heirlooms for you guys.
    My sister's REAL name is Jane Jeffery (no S), how funny!
    Happy New Year!