25th Day of Halloween - Inside the Psycho House

One of the amazing perks working on the Universal Studios backlot is being able to explore it - as long as you don't interfere with the tour trams or get in the way of production's filming.

My prop crew and I decided to take a team photo the other afternoon on the porch of a very iconic place. Our work often makes us "psycho" so it felt right.

While there, I was compelled to see if the front door was open. It was and I stepped inside this historic home of horror history. Now don't get your hopes up, It's just a facade, which means only the outside looks real. The interior is just bare bones framing holding the four walls up. Yet, for those curious, here's what it looks like...

Rear of house.

Left side.

Right side.

The infamous front.

And here's what the foundation floor looks like. And I did grab a handful of it to create a fun relic jar one day labeled "Dirt from Norman Bates' Basement".

And for those extra extra curious, here's what Norman Bates' doorbell looks like...


  1. Oh man, I am so jealous! (I would LOVE a vial of Norman's basement dirt!) I love how if you look at it the right way that right side of the house interior has a "face" complete with creepy red lipstick!

  2. Oh, neat! I've never seen the reverse!

  3. Coolest job ever! (Other than being an Astronaut or Super Hero)