Dr. Ted-enstein Saves Halloween '09

My past annual Halloween night routine for Trick or Treater's has been being the Frankenstein monster sitting silent and motionless like a dummy in an electric chair. I'd give 'em a BOO scare as they reach for the candy bucket. An old bit, but never fails to work and lots of fun.

When I got the flu, I had a momentary worry knowing some kids might expect the same fun as usual and I didn't want to disappoint. Before I even asked, my brother Ted called and volunteered to be this year's scare maker and treat giver.

Ted had a good idea, he'd return as the Dr. Frankenstein character he played for my niece's Halloween party last year and the monster would actually be a dummy he would move holding it's back.

Was Dr. Ted-enstein a hit? You tell me...

Now, experience it as many of our visitors did all night...

Two days ago, I thought it was going to be a mediocre, blah year, but it turned out to be one of the best. I'm happy to say niece Devin reached the all important non-contagious flu stage feeling a bit better. She was able to visit and get some trick 'r treating in.

A huge thank you to my brother Ted for making it a great, great night and a Halloween to remember.


  1. that is just great!!!

  2. way to go Ted! well done!

  3. Thanks, Dave! Your work warmed 'em up, my part was easy!!

  4. Hey Ted, have you ever thought about being an actor?
    Happy post-Halloween to all, glad to hear you're on the mend.

  5. How fun! What a great video. I really appreciate it from the child's perspective! Brilliant!


  6. my relatives are way cool!

  7. this is great...brings back memories of my childhood....good fun and a good scare!

  8. I just have to ask --
    How much candy do you have to buy? Good gracious, it must be a lot! I suspect trick or treaters come from all round to visit your front steps.

  9. Dear Dave,

    I just wanted to thank you for your blog. You provided my husband and I with so much spooky inspiration. I wanted to let you know and show you what you helped create. We made our own version of Hook's hand and added a Tinkerbell. We had a fairly extravagant front door, "trick-or-treating" activity. And our apothecary room was a hit! Please keep up the good work and continue passing on the great ideas. There are about 20 photographs here of our Halloween. http://sfmf.shutterfly.com/scenicphotographs/246

  10. Hope you are over the flu and feeling much better. You have given this fam much inspiration on our Halloween deco as well as Christmas!
    I have a question...I got these cool heavy papermache pumpkins with awesome 3d faces. Weird and cute at same time. How can I preserve them to use outside? Used clear spray acrylic and it doesnt work. Rain weakens them and bugs chew on em! Any ideas?
    Teresa in Texas

  11. Teresa,
    That's a tough one. Paper mache In my experience can never be made fully outdoor weather resistant. Especially if hallow with no interior support. All I've been able to do is make it more tolerant. A clear marine/boat varnish or wood deck sealer has worked for me, repelling water and decreasing sun bleaching. This should be applied in numerous thin coats, letting dry in between. Paper Mache though is not my medium of expertise so there are probably better solutions out there.

  12. Any way I could make a mold of them to make sturdier ones? IF so, what material would I use? Do you do Christmas decorations for your niece?

  13. Hi...
    an awesome video :)
    But i got a question. how do you make the flickering light??