Disneyland Design Tricks

My first visit to Disneyland was many many years ago and it helped put me on a course to what I do as work today. Everything I looked at then, no matter how small the detail, I would marvel at and wonder... "How did they make that stuff?".

Now, with some "making stuff" experience of my own, I enjoy being able to realize exactly how some things were made. It never fails to surprise me that many of the coolest looking details are so simple in construction when you actually take a moment to study them.

Such are some gothic and medieval looking candles decorating a Fantasyland gift shop. They're just painted wood dowels and molding, with a bit of wire inserted as a wick and hot glue for wax drips.

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  1. Amazing how Disney inspires us all in so many ways.. I became a store designer and visual merchandising stylist after a lifetime of looking at & being amazed by the way Disney entertains shoppers! And I agree with you, Dave - I still spend hours marvelling at the great effects from simple magterials when I am there...