My Great Grim Ghastly Garage: Here We Go Again

Yet another year begins in my never ending effort to create a truly well organized garage workshop.

Having just seen 127 Hours, I want my family to know that if I go missing... look for me there first. I could be trapped with my arm caught between overstuffed bins and paint cans.

Find me fast so I don't have to free myself by cutting off a limb, despite all those times that I said wearing an old fashioned pirate hook would be cool.


  1. My HOA just sent me a letter asking me to move my cemetery columns out of my driveway. Guess its time to clean out the garage.

  2. Haha, I know what you mean! Too many props and not enough storage! I'd be afraid of getting lost in there because if someone goes looking for you they are going to have a lot of cool looking props to distract them!

    I just brought salvation army about three bags full of old clothes to free up storage space for my supplies in a dresser in my room! I hope I don't ever end up on a hoarders episode!

  3. Dave, if you have to cut don't use sword in picture. Nothing worse than losing an arm and THEN having to get a Tetanus shot.

  4. The question is, did it actually get cleaned out before Halloween last year?
    Mine nearly did...