New Halloween Ideas for 2012

I've made a radical decision concerning my yard decorating this year. I'm going all-new. Nothing from any past year will be seen again. Below are several sketches of some of the new ideas.

The Abandoned Refrigerator Graveyard - I recently saw several fridges available for FREE on Craig's List. Not only super budget friendly, but will really help to fill up tons of empty space on the lawn.

Scary PETA Zombie - I want to be more socially conscience with my display this year, so I thought this character would work. It's also interactive, giving a fun BOO scare to every Trick or Treater wearing a cute animal costume.

Sidewalk of Holiday Magic - To add more enchantment and not-very-scary elements to the yard for little kids, I'm going to work beloved icons from other holidays into the theme.

The Zany Treat Station - Since the yard, front porch, and driveway will be completely full of new decorations, I'm adding extra space by parking a rented van in the street and will give out candy to kids from there. To be more friendly and inviting this year, I'm also planning to dress up as a cheerful Circus Clown.

I don't think I'm too foolish believing I can get these projects done by October, it's only April 1st. Plenty of time. This could be the best Halloween ever!


  1. I like the Inpailed Holiday icons. I wanted to do realy creative looking gravesstones for Santa, Peter Cotton Tail, Saint Patrick, Uncle Sam, Cupid, and Tom the Turky.

    I love the creepy clown In the Van idea as well. Mabe have some kind of PennyWise qoute on the Van

  2. Wow! I have some new ideas for this year, but nothing this grand! Good luck!

  3. April fools to you too, Dave!

  4. As I first started reading this post just now I thought you lost your mind. Filling up your yard with refrigerators was so over the top. Then I realized it was from yesterday, and I have to say, even though it was a momentary thing, you got me!


  5. Hey, Dave. I have a question, and let me preface it by saying I know nothing about webpages or how they work. Would it be possible for you to add a SEARCH function to your page so we purveyors of perfection could find your projects? I"m scrolling thru pages & pages cuz I keep losing the link to your fake ember/fire project, and it's making me nuts trying to find it again. Thx.


  6. I can find part one of the ember making..where is the rest? I know you posted it...


    1. Hi Debbie,
      Here's the link to the post about the finished Grool the Cauldron Zombie, it contains all the links to the previous making of posts.

      Hope helps. BTW there should be a search box at the very top upper left hand corner of the blog.

    2. Oh and I went ahead and added a new search box on the top of right hand columns.

  7. Oh, you just about got me there Dave. The tip off...wondering how PETA would react to the skewered Easter Bunny;) But, you know, the old refrigerator idea has some merit, I dare ya!

  8. He he he.... it would never work; you'd have to get the refrigerator storage issue approved by the boss. :D

  9. I'm disappointed -- I would like to see this for real!

  10. And the best blog EVER goes too.... !!
    Im in love.