Pumpkin Watch 2011: The New Patch

Trying to grow pumpkins again this year. This time, they have a very long garden bed created just for them off our backyard patio. So far, so good. It may just be my enthusiastic rose colored vision, but now that they're well established in the ground they seem to grow almost an inch daily. If we only get one decent pumpkin I'll be happy.

Week Three
Week Five
Today: Week Nine

My luck with them in the past has been so-so. First time, several years ago, I was overzealous and went for the giant mammoth variety. The vines grew too big of course weaving into every other backyard plant, bush and shrub. We did get 2 or 3 small pumpkins though.

The next year's attempt was foiled by our dog Grover, he was still just a pup and loved digging. The pumpkins didn't stand a chance. As a matter of fact, almost every plant in our yard barely survived Grover's landscaping hobby back then.

I gave up on pumpkins for awhile. I did try an experiment last year by container planting and tomato cage growing a vine. I had read somewhere it works. It did not. It started off well, but the vine had stunted growth and never bloomed.


  1. *lol* Sounds like our luck with growing pumpkins is similar. I'm trying the trench method myself this year. Just once I want a proper patch in which to await the Great Pumpkin!

  2. I'm trying my hand at pumpkins this year, too. Can't wait to guage my progress against yours. Good luck!

  3. pumpkins plants need to reproduce to make pumpkins...you have boy-flowers and girl-flowers..sometimes they dont "hook up" and you have to give nature a bit of help.

  4. http://home.roadrunner.com/~srinz/pumpkins2006.html

    go to Growing Tips & Info..my bro used to grow mammoth ones competively...it's a safe link.

    Debbie5 @ Hauntforum