Sankara Stone: Take Two

Like an itch you can't scratch, it was driving me crazy that the prop Sankara Stone I made was not closer looking to the one seen in "Temple of Doom", so I had to re-do it.

I sanded down the one I made, then did what I previously posted with far more care using reference images and not just glancing up at the movie while on TV.  It actually took less time to do than the first attempt. It's not perfect, but much better.

On a side note, I believe just jumping in head first on any project is the best way to learn. Re-making an established prop may seem silly, but most art schools will have you re-draw a master's work to gain knowledge. Prop making is no different.


  1. Awesome!! The Indiana Jones movies are so entertaining and are favorites of mine and they all have tons of creative inspiration and neat props to make :) I've been wanting to make a grail tablet, but have yet to get around to it! Your Sankara stone turned out awesome!

    This is probably the kick in the butt I needed to start my Indy Prop collection! Thanks!! (I can only hope my Sankara stones turn out half as good!!)

  2. You ROCK...get it...Sankara Stone....rock LOL

    Great stuff!

  3. That is AWESOME!!!!

  4. Thanks All.

    Michael, glad it inspired. The grail tablet is a prop I'd love to try making myself one day. Keep me posted if you try tackling it. The only thing I dread wanting to make my own is the all the Latin calligraphy, that alone would be days and days of work.

  5. I love checking in on your site and seeing updates. Always creative ideas! Great work!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Jerry Greene

  6. Hey Dave,

    I know you have to screen these before they are posted, so I figured this would be the easiest way of letting you know I finished my Grail Tablet! My blog is still a mess, but I do have pictures up!

    Just wanted to thank you for all your tutorials. I've used a lot of them over the last few years and I figured I'd make a blog for my stuff to help other people out, but I still need to get around to making some tutorials! Thanks for making the Shankara Stones.. You opened my eyes up to a lot of things I've always thought were cool, but never thought I could make!