Original 34th Street Window Reindeer Prop

One of my all time favorite movies and not just around the holidays is the 1947 "Miracle On 34th Street". One of my favorite scenes is Kris Kringle's charming and funny introduction correcting a store clerk on his reindeer placement in a window display.

That original reindeer prop is part of an upcoming Profiles in History auction. Of all the amazing movie memorabilia up for grabs, this is the only thing I think I'd be willing to spent huge amounts of money on (if I had it to spend). Somehow I feel like there's some real magic in it.

More details on the LA Times blog and here's that exact scene via HULU...


  1. That's cool. Just watched it again this weekend....B & W version only!!!

  2. The original in B&W is the ONLY way to watch this movie. It's my favorite movie of all time...

    Now that they've sold the original reindeer does anyone know where I can get copies? I've looked for years, and years...