Sankara Stone Making While Watching Indiana Jones Movies

USA Network aired all the Indiana Jones films back to back last night. During "Temple of Doom" I was inspired to make a Sankara stone. It became a personal creative challenge to complete before "The Last Crusade" ended.

While Willie Scott was almost sacrificed to Kali, I glued some scrap craft foam together.

During the mine car chase I carved the foam into a basic Sankara stone shape.

As "Temple of Doom" ended and "Last Crusade" started, I gave it a first coat of Fix-It-All.

When Indy rescued his dad from the castle, I carved the three lines in the Sankara and added a second coat of Fit-It-All. At this point I also noted my biggest goof. The lines were far too deep. Decided to just forge ahead and see what happens.

By the time Indy was chasing the tank, the Sankara was sanded and painted. Here I noted my second goof. The entire prop was a bit too big and not cylindrical enough. It's flat and saggy looking, not the clean bullet shape the film prop has.

Once Indy chose wisely and picked the right grail, the paint dried enough so I could sand the indented areas creating the distinct white lines.

It was done once the credits rolled. Although far from an accurate movie prop replica, it was a fun creative adventure.

Update: I was compelled to re-work it and make more movie accurate. It actually took less time to create than the first go round did and is much, much better looking. I used the same process stepped out above, but with more care to detail. There were three stones found in the film, so I should make the other two at some point.


  1. I was following the movies in my head as you were telling what parts you were doing where. LOL. Is there such a thing as to much Indiana Jones?

  2. That is great, nice multi-tasking yields a cool movie prop and you get to watch Indiana Jones!

    Is fix-it-all a patching compound like you might find in a hardware/ home depot type of place??

  3. Der Krampus,
    That's exactly what Fit-it-All is. You can find it or similar stuff at most hardware places. It's basically a powdered spackle, plaster or dry wall mud, but much stonger. It mixes with water.

    I fell in love with the stuff years ago and use often on things.

  4. This is great!

    What kind of glue dries so fast and is safe for foam?

  5. Rahne Fan,
    Regular old Super 77 spray glue. A coat on each piece to be glued, then let set up for a minute before sticking together. Once stuck, the pieces aren't going anywhere.

  6. Indiana Jones rocks! I'm an IndyFan and found this blog through the IndyCast (AWESOME!!!!) I've made a prop of the Sankara stone as well, but far different materials, I used air-drying Terracotta clay and white PermEnamel accent liner, it too isnt very screen acurate, but i'm satified, and enjoying this prop alot!