A Zombie A Month: December's Forgotten Prisoner

I'm already behind still working on last month's cauldron stew zombie, but no reason not to keep on schedule idea wise.

This forgotten prisoner is next in line to be created. He should be really fun to make and a character who's been in my Halloween display mind's eye for awhile now. He'll hang off the front porch awning.

I'm going to incorporate the dungeon shackles prop from a couple of years ago which were made from cardboard tubes some Christmas presents were shipped in. So there is some sort of a December connection.


  1. oh, boy, this is gonna' be another winner! can't wait to see him...love your creations!

  2. Great concept! Your sketches have so much character.

  3. Great design! So much character! What will you make the beard out of?

  4. Thanks Folks! Glad you like.

    Mr. Chicken,
    Keeping to my usual "no budget" restrictions, the beard will probably be a combo of things from wig hair scraps and cut thread to stretched cheapo cob webbing. There might be some kind of lightweight foam core form underneath that's layered over to give it some shape and personality. Then again I may have some extra money to just go buy a good false beard to use by the time I get to it.

  5. Looks really awsome! Can't wait to see the result!!:)