O'Treaty's Foamcore Lantern: Part Two

I jumped ahead of finishing the lantern and made the faux candle that will go inside it. I basically used the same flameless candle method I posted a "how-to" for last year. I know there are more realistic ways to create a prop like this, but I think the silly look of the fake flame in this case fits the overall cartoony feel that the finished Patrick O'Treaty piece will have.

Before: Cheap-o battery tea light and a toilet paper tube trimmed for an uneven, melted edge look.

After: Lots of hot glue and craft acrylic.

I decided to paint the candle as opposed to keeping the more wax-like translucence of the hot glue because it had more contrast as a solid color inside the lantern, you'll see what I mean in Part Three.

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  1. This is just amazing. You are uber talented. I just want to be there to see you work! Wow!