O'Treaty's Foamcore Lantern: Part One

I've discovered that the real lantern I wanted Patrick O'Treaty to hold was too heavy, so I'm making a scratch built one out of light weight foamcore. We're very old friends having made many a prop and set dressing out of it in the past.

As with the top hat, I want the lantern look old, so I'm not worried about perfection in it's basic construction. Askew angles, uneven cutting, dents and hot glue mishaps are okay and will help give it character once finished. It's a nice large size, about 10" high and 7" square, but still really light.

Next is finishing it with more details, painting and a faux candle, but that's in Part Two once I get it done.


  1. amazing...you've truly inspired me with all the many ways you use foam to create such awesome props for your art

  2. Dave, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your creativity . I have a small store in south Georgia and we always love to decorate for Halloween. I found your blog and have been so inspired. The front of our store has been graced with 2 of your man eating plants and we have a lots of curiosities inside thanks to you! Please have a look at Aliceandjay.blogspot.com and thank you, thank you for sharing your great ideas. Alice D

  3. I just discovered your website, and I love, love the creativity! I love how you share all your how-to's for the rest of us who are so inclined. Unless you object, I plan to link to several of your wonderful ideas so others can find you, too. Please let me know if you have any objections. Thanks.

  4. I wish you had a pattern to cut the template for this.. it is the best I have seen...

  5. I just came across your blog. I love it! (I make props for LOGON - The Light Opera Group of the Negev.)
    I can't find O'Treaty's Lantern part 2. This surely contains how to wire the lantern, which I really want to know.Can you tell me where to find it?