My Great Ghastly Garage: A Hoard Portfolio

Memories, oddities and loot found in boxes this weekend.

Now that I found this, maybe it will help me locate other lost treasure buried in the garage. Almost positive I never owned an ark though. Then again, who knows? I keep finding stuff I forgot I had, such as...

Left over Disneyland ticket book...with just one remaining E ticket. From the days when the Country Bear Jamboree, Adventures through Inner Space and Mission to Mars still existed...not to mention the original Submarine Voyage.

Nightmare Before Christmas ticket stub from '93. Saw it first in theaters long before Jack Skellington became mall goth kid fashion attire.

U2 Zoo TV ticket stub from '92. Might be the best live concert I've ever seen (so far). It's also the only show where I witnessed the audience so transfixed that when I ran to the bathroom midway through, the stadium halls and corridors where almost devoid of people. Even the concession and souvenir stands were practically line free.

I actually found this for sale at my Parish of all places back in 1980. It was a real win/win for me then... being a comic book fan and an Altarboy. Pencils by the great John Buscema with inks and colors by Marie Severin, a great combo. It's a really beautifully drawn comic.

Probably the only Christopher Lowell action figure (with fabric bolt blaster) in the world. I made this as a prop for a gag segment while working on Interior Motives back in 1996 or 97.


  1. LOL! That Christopher figure is PRICELESS - LOL! I wish I could dig up anything nearly that interesting!

    Thanks for sharing.!


  2. I like your garage! It sounds like the best archaeological dig ever!

    Watch the Mummy, though. He's a bit grumpy!

  3. I LOVE the Christopher Lowell action figure! HA!! Also, while my garage could be as messy as yours (was/is), I am certain that there isn't anything half as exciting in there. :)

  4. I sooo miss Interior Motives! That was a real guilty pleasure for me to watch. That is just awesome!

  5. OMG I love your Christopher Lowell action figure! What ever happened to him??? He was FABulous and I still quote his line 'Lifts, Levels, and Elevations' in my seminars on visual merchandising!