Halloween Countdown: The Alien Project Part Two

Here's how the Alien containment canisters are coming together so far.

We started with 2' wide concrete form tubes at 6' tall. Next a window was cut out of. Then painted a classic Army green, so feels from late 1947 when the Roswell crash happened.

Next, we created the canister interior using a really old school trick. We crumpled sheets of tin foil in balls, uncrumpled and made flat again, then spray glued to the inside. The wrinkled foil creates amazing texture plus will reflect any light put inside making a great effect.

Next we painted on a classic black and yellow hazard band. Hazard stripes on any "industrial" type prop adds character and ALWAYS makes seem more dangerous.

We capped the top and bottom of tube with plastic "planting rings" after painting silver. Then hot glued on faux bolts.

The faux bolt detail is easy to make. Take off the shelf 1/2" nuts and glue in a small slice from 1/2" wood dowel, then paint all silver. This same trick can be done for smaller or larger bolts.

More later...


  1. Where did you find the 6' tall x 2' wide tube at? I went to Lowe's and they only have the smaller one.

  2. Where did you get the 24" x 6' tubes, without spending a ton of money? Those are expensive...(over 18" wide)