Halloween Countdown: The Alien Project Part Three

When last left off, the alien cannister was roughly put together. One detail it needed was a large turn valve. I made this on the cheap by cutting out of a 99 cent frisbee. It's support was a short piece of PVC pipe glued to a plastic planter saucer. Detailed with a faux bolt. Once distressed and aged with paint, it looked pretty "first glance" decent.

The window was a piece of super thin plastic you find in those cheapo poster frames. It is incredibly light and flexible, I just painted on a metal looking edge and glued rivets to, then simply velcro'd to the tube so can access the inside.

After more detailing and distressing, I added the Alien inside with a light and smoke machine. Done.

The Alien itself was on the cheap too, using a mask put on a styrofoam ball, glued to a PVC pipe made stand and draped with fabric.

This was basically a one day build project, and one that I'll redo again and spend more time on. We used for our kitchen set Halloween show decor. Went with a whole hidden government lab look. Plus made a second with a broken window and missing Alien.

 The show airs Monday morning on Hallmark Channel. Speaking of which, tomorrow will be a mega post showing all the epic insanity we've been up to this month (which I hope explains my infrequent posting).


  1. Love your stuff, made this with my son this year - not as good as yours but still fun!