My Review of BRAVE

Niece Devin and I saw BRAVE together.

After, I was unsure what the main character's name was. Because of the Scottish accents, I said it sounded like "Murder".

Devin looked up at me with daggers in her eyes and said "It's MERIDA" as if I had insulted her entire clan.

The film encouraged a 10 year old girl to correct an elder who was obviously wrong. Kudos PIXAR.


  1. Wait until she hits the teen-years ... she won't need any encouragement.

  2. Haha cute review. I liked Brave as well, but I thought her name was Meredith. Obviously I'll trust devin on this one!

    Also, I'm so happy you are posting your rain storming ideas, they always fire me up for spinoffs and new ideas of my own and I was sad to read you saying you weren't posting until done, although I understood the logic behind it!

  3. Hahaha Gotta love kids' corrections. Loving your blog so far, got here because of the Witch for Halloween, what a great job there!