Creative Inspiration: Battery Recharge

Watching an old TV special from my youth featuring behind the scenes film "magic" always recharges the creative batteries. Below, in four parts, is not only the first "Making of Star Wars" TV special that I remember seeing, but I'm pretty sure was the first ever made about the galaxy far, far away.


  1. I was 17 when Star Wars first came out. I was skeptical at first ... "Another poorly done space movie," I thought. But this was different. This was almost REAL. (But not TOO real, like 2001) It was imaginative, funny, exciting ... and I was hooked from the opening scene.

    It inspired MY creativity, too, and helped me develop some of the skills I use today. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. Cartoon suggestion #2: Tupac-ca....

    d5, H. F.

  3. Wow.. out of this world! I love watching all I can on what happened behind the scenes! For as big as a Star Wars fan I've never seen this! :( Terrific footage! Makes me want to watch the original trilogy while I work on some projects tonight!! Don't think I can talk the Fiancee into trying to recreate Han Solo in carbonite for a desk or table, or I'd be all over it.. haha!

    1. I've always thought a Han Solo in carbonite sliding closet door would be fun.

  4. I remember learning about C-3PO's arm from this