Raiders' 30th: Kid Craft Marion Ravenwood

Per my sister's request, cardboard tube Marion has arrived to complete the Raiders' kid craft hero trio.

Marion was made using the fundamental's shown in the Indy how-to, expect for her hair. It's a 6 1/2" black construction paper circle glued center on top and fringed all the way around. Then the strips are folded down and curled.

My Raider's celebration will be extended into July a bit. I'm a few days behind, but I want to make good on my intended 30 posts for 30 years. I've still got a couple of fun things yet to share ending the blog-a-thon on an adventurous note.


  1. Well, I guess we have to wait 3 years till the anniversary of 'Temple of Doom' for the cardboard tube Wilhelmina 'Willie' Scott figure. Damn.

    Willie: I hate the water... and I hate being wet... and I hate you!

  2. love, love, love marion!!! Thank you!

  3. sisters ask for good things and great brothers make them. :-)