125 Days 'til Halloween: Franken-Switch (Part 3)

Here it is so far. My thoughts were to add the oversized on/off switch to the left of the clear dome on the column, but I like how this is looking without it. We'll see, the switch may become a separate freestanding piece.

The domes will have flickering lights inside. As of right now I'm planning to use a fluorescent light starter wired into an extension cord for the effect (which I already have). As usual, trying to keep it a low budget Halloween. In a perfect world I'd love to buy and use those tabletop lightning balls.

Many more details to add while I debate whether to finish it in a verdigris copper steampunk theme or stick with the silver retro-future look it's got going now. I'll break down what all the parts and pieces are in a later post.


  1. this looks great! didn't know you were going to have it light up and all--this will be a fantastic set-up.

  2. Wow! I like this so far. Looking really good!

  3. Oooohhhh! That is super cool!!! Really looking forward to seeing this finished.

    Silver or steam punk....I know either of your versions will be perfect!


  4. That looks really elegant. Kind of art deco, like Metropolis meets Frankenstein. Amazing that it was just junk before.