11 Days 'Til Halloween - Hermetic Spectre Observation Receptacle

This Victorian era, Hermetic Spectre Observation Receptacle is the newest acquisition to my cabinet of curiosities. It was state of the art ghost hunting equipment in the late 1800's. Once a spirit was caught, the handle on the lid was turned, vacuum sealing it inside. They're very rare to find in working condition, let alone, still containing the trapped apparition I'm happy to say mine does.

Unfortunately, by nature of the receptacle's construction and mystical formula to the glass keeping the spirit trapped, any communication with it is impossible. It seems very content though, especially glowing with happiness in darker rooms.

The ghost is painted on clear acetate in Krylon GLOWZ spray using a stencil made from blue painter's tape. It's painted more opaque at the top of the image so it seems to dissipate at the bottom. The acetate was cut from a portfolio sleeve to fit inside a kitchen storage container/jar. It's thick enough to support itself in the center with just it's edges pressed against the sides without glue or tape. There is a slight curve in it, but that helps add a bit of dimension when seen from other angles.

For the lid, I detailed the original one with stuff from my stash. The handle is a brass doorknob with a old sink handspray holder for it's base. I glued on ornate brass tack tops around the edge after snipping off the nails.


  1. Hi. Very interesting curiosity and story. I'm sure that my children will not believe me that something like this really exists. Moreover, it would be nice Halloween decoration and you can tell visitors what is the purpose of such thing. Happy Halloween.


  2. Looks great & hooray for another use for portfolio sleeves!