10 Days 'Til Halloween -Peter Pumpkin the Tricker Treater Eater

All children know to look for the spooky, glowing, smiling face of a Jack- O-Lantern outside homes on Halloween. They know this means candy is waiting to be had. They know to say "Trick or treat" when asking for. But do they know to say "Thank you"? They should. It's polite and very rude not to.

All children who don't say "Thank you" beware. Peter Pumpkin the Tricker Treater Eater waits at the end of the walk and he hates rude children...

I would of been remiss in my decorating this year if I didn't make a prop based on my 31 Days of Halloween logo. Peter Pumpkin originated in a Para Abnormal cartoon from 2008.


  1. I just love this cartoon! I hope you don't mind, but I like to surprise my husband with new and different backrounds on my computer screen and I used this cartoon! He loves your stuff and can't wait for the new ones to come out!

  2. This reminds of the work of an artist by the name of John Pelico who is known for his "Killer Pumpkins". His art is great, in fact, I believe he did some work for the "Family Guy" show...not sure if I have the right name. But your prop, looks like his art brought to live in 3D...very cool! :o)