Halloween How To's

With only two months until October, coal is now being thrown in my Halloween creative engine and things are about to get going full steam. I'm going to pick up where I left off on a few unfinished projects, expand on themes and improve old props. To help get my ideas and plans organized, I've gone back and been reviewing my past holiday work. My harsh self critique on it all could become a whole separate blog.

For those who might be interested, I made a link list to some of my Halloween "how to" projects below. It will also find a place in the sidebar as well at some point. I hope to add many new projects over the next couple of months.

Beware or be happy, most of these also fall into an ultra low budget category and adhere to my "instant creative gratification" code of prop making. Click on the name to view that project.

Dungeon Shackles
Following Eye Portrait
Giant Moving Monster Eye
Flameless Candle
Morphing Ghost Photo
Spider Cage
Witch Crash
Jason Dummy (in under an hour)
Polymer Clay Bottle Label
Captain Hook's Hand
Creepy Old Book Making
Invisible Man Specimen Jar


  1. Thanks for organizing! You've saved me the trouble of going back and trying desperately to find these!

  2. That is not even my list and it made me swoon reading it. (and question your sanity> ) :D

    Good luck!! Please share lots of pictures!!!


  3. Michael Price8/03/2009 2:05 PM

    Any chance of a Zombie Hand How-To? I was thinking that would make a great craft project for my cousins and I.

    Having these links in one place is great! Thanks Dave!

  4. I keep trying to 'follow' you, but keep forgetting it or messing it up or something.

    At any rate, thanks for consolidating your awesomeness in one post. Your project ideas are always fantastic.